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Healthy Habits You Can Start Today!

By Madison Lawrie, RD

We have all seen the "that girl" trend on social media, but what does it mean to be "that girl"? To me, being "that girl" means you take care of yourself and you are aware of the habits that you take part in every day. Some unhealthy habits are relying on fast food for most of your meals, not drinking enough water, not getting enough sleep, partaking in activities you don't enjoy, and spending your energy in places that do not reward you. Below I talk about healthy girl habits that I am partaking in and that you can start today!

Healthy Girl Habits

Drinking Water:

Did you know that the average woman needs 2.7 liters of fluid a day? Every cell in the human body contains water to the exact composition that is required for that cell. Since fluid imbalances can be devastating to the human body, the body can quickly respond to fluid intake and excretion. Neat huh?

The best place to get water is from water, but certain foods also have a high water content that can aid in your total fluids for the day. Foods such as strawberries, watermelon, lettuce, cabbage, celery, spinach, broccoli, apples, grapes, oranges and carrots all contain at least 80% water. Incorporate these foods into your day for extra hydration!

Sleepy Hygiene:

With COVID, I feel like a lot of us were able to catch up on some much-needed sleep. I know the only work I was doing was working on my tan at my parent's pool (love you mum xoxo). Sleep is one aspect of our over-health that many people neglect or push to the back burner around times of high stress whether that be at work or crunching for a final in school. But neglecting your sleep can do more harm than good.

It is recommended that we get between 7-8 hours of sleep every night. An adequate amount of sleep allows for our brains to rest and in return, we function better when we are awake. The first step to having good sleep is by having good sleep hygiene. Some ways to have good sleepy hygiene is by always sleeping in a dark room at night and going outside into sunlight during the day to ensure a strong circadian rhythm which will make falling asleep at night easier. Another way to maintain good sleep hygiene is by going to bed at the same time every night. Taking part in a bedtime routine such as washing your face, putting on cute pj's and reading before bed are all good habits that promote uninterrupted sleep. Eating Fruits & Vegetables: We all know we need to eat our fruits and vegetables but did you know Canada's food guide outlined that we should be eating 7-8 servings of fruit and/or vegetables a day? I know I know that may seem like a lot right now but ill break it down for you. Mock Meals in a Day: Breakfast: overnight oats with 1/2 cup of frozen berries (1 serving) Morning Snack: banana and peanut butter (1 serving) Lunch: Mexican salad bowl with lettuce, tomato, beans, avocado, bell pepper, and onions (3 servings) Afternoon Snack: Baby carrots and hummus (1 serving) Dinner: Steak with roasted potatoes, broccoli and asparagus (2 servings) Fruits and vegetables are an important aspect of our diet because not only are they an excellent source of fibre they also contain a lot of micronutrients like vitamins and minerals that your body needs. These are the three main habits that I work on every day, I have also added some more healthy habits that you can include into your lifestyle! Other Health Habits:

  • Reading for 30 minutes before bed

  • Walking for 30 minutes a day (hopefully in the sunshine)

  • Eating meals with loved ones or friends is a time for you to connect

  • Limit unintentional scrolling on your phone ;)

  • Make meals at home more often

  • Limit alcohol consumption

I hope these ideas inspire you to start some healthy habits today! :) xoxoxo Madison


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