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PCOS Management

If you are here you are dealing with the unwanted symptoms of PCOS and it’s making you insecure and uncomfortable, has reduced your sense of self and/or has limited you from going after what you want, which is just plain wrong!


I have helped women just like you manage their PCOS symptoms so that they can go on to live their best life. I do this because I understand your pain and I care.


This is how I can help you: book an appointment, complete a full nutritional assessment with me, and let me give you the tools you need to manage your PCOS symptoms. I want to prevent you from continuing to struggle with PCOS symptoms such as unintentional weight gain, unwanted or embarrassing hair growth, irregular cycles, difficulty getting pregnant, etc. I want you to live a life where you are confident, have regular periods, maintain health your status, balance your hormones and start a family if that is what you want.


Let me help you today.

Together we will:

  • Complete a 60-minute comprehensive assessment of your current nutritional status 

  • Review your health and medical history, dietary supplements, medications, nutrition habits, physical activity and lifestyle factors 

  • Create a plan that is specific to your lifestyle

  • Create and achieve realistic goals that help you reach your desired health status with lifestyle and nutritional interventions

  • Find your personalized balance  

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