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Hi There! 

Madison in her graduation gown.

My Background

I attended St. Francis Xavier University in the tiny town of Antigonish, Nova Scotia where I completed my Bachelor of Science in Human Nutrition with Honours and Dietetics, an accredited program by Dietitians of Canada. I completed dietetic practicum placements with Nova Scotia Health, Coastal Sports and Wellness, Saint Mary's University and The Halifax Brewery Market. 

After I completed my internship I decided that I wanted to work with women struggling with hormonal health conditions, primary PCOS. I am proud to say that today I am a PCOS Nutritionist helping women across Nova Scotia manage their PCOS symptoms. 

My Philosophy 

I have always believed that food is to be enjoyed and shared in the company of those you care about. Food should be satisfying and help you reach your body's nutritional requirements. For that reason, you will see me aiming for fresh, vibrant and real foods that never disappoint. 

As a dietitian, it is my responsibility to translate the most current scientific information on food and health. This includes food composition, psychological and physiological factors that impact our dietary choices. As well as the relationship between these factors on our overall health. 


I am a nutrition communicator, a skilled listener, and a translator of ideas into actionable steps toward dietary modifications needed to enhance one’s nutritional status. I look through a specialized lens and provide recommendations based on your individualized lifestyle and biomedical requirements. 

I don't believe in restrictions or dieting, I believe in eating food that makes you feel good. Focusing on what we can add to our diets instead of what we have to take away in order to reach our health goals. 

Madison cooking in the kitchen

Areas I Can Assist In, But Not Limited To:

Prenatal Nutrition

General Healthy Eating & Weight Loss

Healthy Cooking & Meal Planning

Managing PCOS

Gestational Diabetes

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